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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Entry saje2 =p

hmm agak lama x hupdate blog ni..asik dok terjah blog kengkwn aje..bz ngn function pon ye gak..so nk menghupdate ni cm xde mood sgt..then td after makan 'free', saje belek2 pix auni yg lama dr baby sampai la skg ni..so saje la nk tepek pix dak debabs tu dr baby =p..

1month~ da start nk chubby..

2month~da botak kepala tuee..n pipi terserlah cm kueh pau!


3month~starting meniarap

3month~ pandai sengih2 besar..chomellll!

5month~ 1st time sambut hari raya... bam2

6month~ starting solid food...

7month~ starting dlm walker

8month~ da start la cheeky nyer..=p

9month~ pertandingan baby comel Hari Wilayah









18month~..paling latest pix..siap wearing bangle mama..so clever!

terase cpt sgt auni membesar..miss bau baby from auni..skang bau mashammmm...heheh


Iela Fazielah said...

alahai... comey ye auni.... mmg best bila tgk gambar2 anak yg semakin membesar kan.... macam xcaye je tiba2 diaorg dah bertmbah besar... ila pun nak wat n3 cam ni jgk la.... xpe kan??? hehehe

lily azliyana @ mama zara said...

auni mase kecik mmg bam-bam sungguh kan..hehe..tula..rs skjap jerk diorang dh membesar. sumtimes rindu gak moment mase diorng kecik2 dulu..=p

Mrs. Adz said...

aini ni semangat ye..dari kecik lagi dah bam bam..tengok anak dah besar ni rasa macam sekejap je masa berlalukan..bila nak tambah lagi ni..:p

Jiey^Mien said...

Kalo miss bau baby, leh bg auni adik..

eiNa said...

auni nampakk sangat besar....

mama auni firdina said...

iela fazilah>nk wat n3 cmni?bole2..dialu2kn..xde kene saman pon..ehehhe..tu la,rase cm x puas tgk pic die..rindu time baby..=p

mama auni firdina said...

lily @ Mama zara>heheh tu la..time die kecik,mmg da bam2..yup,asik dok teringat time die kecik2 dlu..x puas nk manje2..cm skg ni,nk pelok ckit pon da marah2..x suke kot..;)

mama auni firdina said...

Mrs Adz>tmbh lg??hmm insya allah la kot..ade tu nnt..ade rezki,x kemana tol x?...:D

mama auni firdina said...

jiey>huhuuhuhu..insya allah,auni sure dpt adik nnt yer..tguuuuu...

mama auni firdina said...

eina>xde la besar sgt..bese2 je=P

Anonymous said...

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aien said...

wow sungguh super super kawaii n chubby laaa

Anonymous said...

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